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The Social Media Dilemma

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During my vacation over the last couple of weeks, I took social media off my phone. I’ve been having an increasingly unhealthy relationship with it, scrolling mindlessly for hours, compulsively checking it, and yet rarely posting or engaging. Just scrolling. Over and over and over. I needed a break. A colleague posted about a month ago that she was finally done. The news that an in-house study had found that Instagram was damaging to the […]

Keep Saying the “F” Word

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TIME Magazine is offering their fourth annual “worst word” poll, asking readers to vote for the word or phrase which they are soooo tired of hearing.┬áIncluded on the list are some words that I would vote for in a second–like “obvi” and “sorry not sorry,” as well as some I still use without shame and a few I’ve never even heard of (guess I’m out of touch). One word on the list, however, is shocking, […]