Peanut’s Birth Story, Part 2

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Family Ties / General Musings

(I am, as expected, already terribly behind on my 100 posts in 100 days goal. However, I will not give up. I may double up some days to try and catch up, or I may do the best I can and continue until I’ve done 100 posts, no matter how many days it takes me!)

I felt a little guilty calling Sarah in the middle of the night, even though that’s part of her job, and I was pretty sure it was necessary. (She later told me she was very confused as to why one of her May moms was calling her at that time of night!). I told her what was happening, and she said while it could have just been the baby sitting on my bladder, given that I was still leaking and how early it was for delivery, I’d better go get checked out. Our local hospital’s cut-off for labor and delivery was 35 weeks, so at 35 weeks + 1 day (having crossed over midnight), I qualified, but she suggested going to a hospital with a NICU, just in case the baby was more like a 34-weeker. We quickly chose one, and she said she’d call ahead, and to keep her updated. As I quickly packed a bag, we tried to figure out what to do about Dude’s kids, ages 12 and 10 (E was staying with his bio family out of state).

It was school vacation week, so we didn’t have to worry about getting them up early. We tried to get in touch with their mom, but couldn’t reach her. We decided to keep calling on the way, left them a note in case they woke up, and headed out into the cold April night.

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