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Please read: Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

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I have shared some version of this article before, but having read it may have saved my child’s life today, so I’m sharing it again. Please, please read it, share it, and internalize it, because drowning doesn’t look the way we think it does. And now I know from experience. My son almost drowned right in front of me this afternoon. We were at the lake, in between swimming lessons for my two children. My […]

Making a Difference

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“I want to make a difference,” I told my therapist recently. “I always have, with every profession I’ve considered. I’m not sure I’m doing that.” We were discussing some questions of discernment that I’ve been mulling, reflecting on choices I’ve made and choices I will have to make soon, related to my career as a pastor but also broader questions of life and purpose. Developmentally appropriate, I tell myself, for middle age. A few days […]