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100 Posts in 100 Days

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Today is day one of my self-created blogging adventure/challenge. I am honestly a bit skeptical that I can fulfill it, seeing as how I’ve had trouble in the past with even doing an entire month of posts. And it’s the beginning of summer. And I have a newborn (more on that later). However, this blog has been idle for too long. It’s not that I didn’t want to write, or didn’t have anything to write […]

Professional Blogger I Am Not, and I’ll Give You Six Reasons

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I like to blog. I’m glad I have a blog. Under no circumstances, however, would I consider myself a professional blogger. Since it is the sixth day of NaBloPoMo, here are six reasons I still claim amateur blogging status. 1. I don’t post regularly. Like,¬†at all. I gamely try posting every day…and then I get interrupted…and then my blog is silent for a month. Or more. Professional bloggers post at least somewhat regularly, even if […]