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Five Ways to Care for Your Pastor During Holy Week

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'Tis the Season / Ministerial Madness

Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week for those of us in the (non-Orthodox) Christian world. Today we remember Jesus’ pageantry as he rode into Jerusalem, and from here we re-tell the stories of a last meal and new commandment, betrayal, denial, and commitment, as we journey to the cross, the tomb, and Easter. It is a holy week indeed. It is also a generally extremely busy and often stressful week for pastors, […]

For All the Saints

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We celebrated one of my favorite holy days in worship today, All Saints’ Day. I tend to be pretty expansive in my definition of “saints,” and I encouraged my congregation to do so as well. I asked that we remember the stories of the saints, in the same way we remember the stories of our grandparents or friends–the stories that have been told over and over again, so well that we know the exact timing […]