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Two Comments

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Got two noteworthy comments from two different parishioners today. Both, men, both over 70. One good, one not-so-good. The first: I’m describing a book I just finished, written by a mother of biological and adopted kids. I don’t know exactly what I said, but his “yes-I’m-listening” comment was, “right, her real daughter.” Um, OUCH. The second: I’m updating someone on the process (yes, STILL waiting), and as he’s about to follow his wife away, he […]

Social worker vent

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Heart Aches / Wrestling with Angels

I like my social worker. I really do. But I have to vent a little. Way back in beginning of this year, we discussed what the plan would be once my colleague returned from sabbatical and we moved forward with finding a match. We’d go to an adoption party in late April, and regardless of how that worked out, we were hoping to start transitioning a child into my life and home when I returned […]