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Back to Reality

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The kids, The Dude, and I returned last night from a week away on vacation. It was wonderful! Other than the two days on each end driving (the first of which was through winter storm Pandora) we spent the time on Jekyll Island in Georgia. I’ll share some photos and details in a later post. We arrived home to single-digit temperatures, a chicken killed by a fox, water that smells like sulfur…and this in our […]

Leaving Las Vegas…Off My Bucket List

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I don’t really understand the pull of Las Vegas. I know plenty of people who have gone and loved it, and plenty of people who’d love to take a vacation there. I suppose it might seem exciting to some, a place of fantasy, where “what happens there stays there,” full of lights and casinos and performers and imitation world sites. A place where nothing is over the top, where there is excess on top of […]