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The Trial Looms

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The TPR trial is next week, Monday and Tuesday. I’m sure it was due to the holidays, but we hadn’t heard anything since finding out E’s b-dad had been denied visits. E’s social worker e-mailed me today, saying she’s meeting with the DCF lawyer tomorrow, and that the attorney will also want to speak with me and E about our testimonies–when they’ll happen, what to expect, etc. She also dropped the bomb that at the […]

Pre-Trial Results

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Foster Care / Wrestling with Angels

So, the pre-trial finally happened yesterday, after two delays (the original was scheduled in June). Unfortunately, things are still not moving as smoothly as we’d like. E’s bio-mom had apparently not had a chance to look over the proposed open adoption arrangement, so that is still pending. E’s bio-dad was there, and is not at all willing to even consider an open adoption arrangement, so a trial date has been set for mid-January. Most involved […]