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Which Role Am I Playing?

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Ministerial Madness

Often times in my ministry, I have to consider which role I’m playing. Am I mother or pastor? Pastor or friend? Worshiper or leader?  Tonight, I had to choose: pastor, or EMS responder? I am on our local volunteer rescue squad and fire department, and taking the class needed to prepare me to become a licensed EMT. I am learning assessment and emergency care, how to respond quickly and effectively to provide medical care to […]

Parenting With No Expectations

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Adoption / Foster Care / Nuts & Bolts / Spirit Talk

I recently read this blog post by Michelle Duggar. Now, Michelle may be a controversial figure, and while I don’t totally agree with her theologically, I do think that as far as parenting, she knows a thing or two. She has 19 children, all of whom seem (at least on television) to be respectful, loving, and well-rounded individuals. So when she offers parenting tips, I pay attention. This particular one, that we give up expectations, […]