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Moving Right Along

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Adoption / Foster Care / Wrestling with Angels

Tonight we have our second visit. I get to pick him up all by myself from his foster family. I’m planning to take him bowling. The bowling alley has an arcade area in case we get tired of actual bowling. It also has a small grill so I can feed him before getting him home so he can attend church. During our visit, I’m to ask him if he would like me to take him […]

Adoption Party

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I almost don’t know where to start. What a weird thing the adoption party is. They continue doing them because they work–they result in matches–but they are definitely weird. All these kids needing families, and families wanting kids, and social workers wanting it to happen for both sides. And of course the older ones get it. They understand that when adults come up to them and start to chit chat, that they’re checking them out […]