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A Little Better

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Adoption / Foster Care / In Transition

We’re getting there. After having visits three days in a row, each significantly longer than the last, we’re getting there. I’m still like a new buddy to him. He’s still like a new babysitting charge to me. Our relationship is still tentative and exhausting. Yesterday he spent the entire day with me at my house–11.5 hours. My two kittens (9 mo old) love him, and the most laughter I heard from him all day came […]

Panic Sets In

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Adoption / Foster Care / Wrestling with Angels

Well, I knew it was probably coming, and it finally arrived: the total and utter freak-out. Not his, mine! We had another visit last night, and I took him to the draft party for our local NBA D-league team (note for the record, the first time I’m ever b-o-r-e-d for the sake of my child). It was going well. He had snatched my camera and was making like¬†paparazzi–even setting himself right next to the official […]