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The Dating Game

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I met someone. Since a month or so after we moved, I’ve been on an online dating site. A couple guys seemed promising, but conversations eventually fizzled out. Many, of course, didn’t even get that far. In my profile, I am clear that I have a foster child who I am adopting. I do not mention my profession. I had clear face photos up for a while, but decided it was just too risky given […]


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Adoption / Foster Care / In Transition

Anxiety seems to be lessening. I picked the boy-child up last night after school. We did homework (hopefully all of it) and thankfully he didn’t protest too much when I told him I wanted him to be reading for 30 minutes every night. I found him one of my old paperbacks that I probably haven’t read since I was his age, but obviously liked it enough then to hang onto it all this time: It’s […]