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Parenting With No Expectations

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I recently read this blog post by Michelle Duggar. Now, Michelle may be a controversial figure, and while I don’t totally agree with her theologically, I do think that as far as parenting, she knows a thing or two. She has 19 children, all of whom seem (at least on television) to be respectful, loving, and well-rounded individuals. So when she offers parenting tips, I pay attention. This particular one, that we give up expectations, […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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I feel like this has been the theme running through my head lately. E and I have moved from the honeymoon stage, through a horrific grieving stage, and now have moved into what his therapist is calling “normalcy.” We have our daily ups and downs, but have basically found our steady baseline. For me, this means that we’re no longer on our best behavior, and also that I’ve gotten used to him not being happy […]