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Praying for the Captors

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The church I serve does not often bring up world news topics during joys and concerns. I’m not sure why. Maybe historically the pastor has done it? Maybe they think that time is just for personal items? Regardless, I often do incorporate issues from the news if I deem it appropriate. This past Sunday, I felt the need to bring up the tornadoes in Arkansas, the conflicts in the Ukraine, and the kidnapping of over […]

Psalm 83

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Heart Aches / Spirit Talk / Wrestling with Angels

I’m gathering materials for worship on Sunday, and came across this prayer. I will be praying it tonight, and probably many nights hence. The black dog of depression is nipping at my heels, and I’m struggling right now. I am so depressed tonight, O God. I feel as if I am the sole target of an enemy barrage–that all the demons of hell are bent on damning my soul for eternity. I remember your precious […]