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We Have A Date (tentatively)!

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This past Friday, E and I signed our petition for adoption. There was one moment of panic, when the notary at the bank wasn’t sure he could notarize the petition because E had no identification. Our social worker asked if he’d expect ID for a five-year-old, and while I understand the reasoning behind requiring proof of ID for opening a bank account–so it’s not using someone else’s info for nefarious purposes–this was an adoption petition. […]

A Step in the Right Direction

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Adoption / Foster Care / In Transition

Last Friday, E and I went down to MA to his social worker’s office. There, we signed open adoption agreements for both of his biological parents. His bio dad was not there, but his bio mom came in once we had signed (she did her signing before we got there). This is a huge step, as his bio mom has pulled us back and forth a little bit in this area, but the agreement means […]