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I Know My Happy Makes You Sad…

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Cupid's Aim / Family Ties / Living in Koinonia

…and that makes me sad, too. Because I’ve been there. I get it–or at least parts of it. That sinking feeling in your gut when someone announces their engagement or posts photos of their wedding. Sure, you’re happy for them, but still. Why them and not you, STILL? I was relatively young at the time, but I remember when my younger sister got engaged. Planning her wedding. Standing up next to her. Watching her dance […]

Why I Blog

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General Musings

I didn’t start out to become a popular blogger, and while at this point I’d love it if blogging paid some bills (hello, student loans!) or led to other opportunities, I still don’t do it for that reason. I began blogging mostly to keep track of my journey into single motherhood and to post sermons and other pastoral pieces. If people happened to somehow stumble upon my blog and find something that spoke to them, […]