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Houseplant Autumn Prep

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On my “to do” list for my two-weeks of vacation (yes, I know) was taking care of the houseplants that have been outside this summer, and re-potting any–inside or out–that needed it. Today was the day. It was mild and overcast, and started heavy sprinkling as soon as I was ready to pot, but it was a Sunday I didn’t have to preach, and seemed like a perfect low-key vacation task. I didn’t really intend […]

A Rough Day

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Wrestling with Angels

It’s been a rough day. There’s no particular reason, really; it’s just one of those days, I guess. This morning at breakfast I found myself reaching for Facebook on my phone when the kids started talking about places they’d been with Dude. When they got up and I put my phone down, Dude made a comment about putting away the internets, and I teared up. It happened twice more today. I’m still feeling kinda down, […]