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Giving Thanks

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Giving Thanks / Holidays/Holy-days

Since I’m 35, I considered listing 35 things for for which I’m grateful. However, I’m trying not to ignore Dude too much by blogging, so here are ten: 1. The Dude. He makes me laugh until I cry, he holds me when I cry sad or frustrated or scared tears, he pushes me to be my best and also to take time to relax, he’s sexy in a very nerdy way, and thinking about spending […]

Holiday Cards

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Adoption / Foster Care / General Musings

I just ordered our holiday cards. I never did photo cards before, because, what–would I just put photos of myself?? I had considered doing them this year anyway, since at least I had adorable cats, but decided we definitely needed them with E’s arrival. Things were a little crazy pre-Christmas, what with Advent and church and adjusting…so hey, Epiphany cards. Even better arriving after Christmas; a fun envelope amidst the bills. I can’t wait to […]