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An Unexpected Meeting

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Cupid's Aim

I wasn’t even fully available. I was slowly pulling myself out of a unhealthy relationship, though my heart and mind had already abandoned ship. I wasn’t ready, wasn’t looking. The gym was crowded and loud with the families of middle school students as I found a metal folding chair near a friend whose son was in band with my son. A friend of hers, a woman I’d met when attending community suppers, sat in our […]

Another Long Day

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General Musings

This afternoon/evening we had a party to celebrate E’s adoption, so I spent the earlier part of the day in prep mode. A church member¬†opened up the “pub” he built in his basement to us, and we had probably around 20-25 people show up–including a couple of my cousins all the way from Maine! It was a wonderful chance to hang out, eat a bunch of food, and celebrate. But now that the dishes are […]