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There and Gone

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General Musings

I had a good idea for a post. A catchy title and everything. And then it was gone, just like the 17 times I remembered that I needed to post today, and forgot, leading to me curled up in my dark bedroom after EMT class, huddled under the covers, writing from my phone. It seems like that happens to me often these days, an idea popping into my head and popping out just as quickly. […]

Keeping the Momentum

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It’s time for me to go to bed. I was determined to stay up another two hours and work on stuff for my first time selling at a fair, but I’ve reached the witching hour. I’m a morning person running on an increasing sleep debt, and I can tell it’s affecting me. I’m slow. I’m spacey. I’m making little, stupid mistakes. The morning will be much more productive, especially if I’ve gotten a decent amount […]