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Recipe for Exhaustion

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General Musings / Just Eat It

I forgot to blog yesterday. It was on my to-do list. I was going to write a whole long diatribe on the Ray Rice “incident,” but I didn’t get to it. Today, I’ve been completely exhausted, a little queasy, and just generally under the weather. I even took an hour-long nap after grocery shopping (shout out to Market Basket–welcome back Artie T.!).  I didn’t want to skip two days, but my brain is not up […]

It’s Too Pretty to Use!

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Artistic Endeavors / Because I Said Sew / General Musings / Simple Living

I heard it more than once today. “Oh, look at at that. It’s almost to pretty to use!” A potholder, a dish cloth. My hard work combined with well-chosen materials. Not art, but pretty close to craft. Lovely. But for some, not meant for the hard work of life. Why? Why do we save special and nice and enjoyable things and never use them? You’ve admired that potholder, right? Will you continue to enjoy it […]