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A Good, Full Day

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Family Ties / General Musings

It’s been a good day. I slept in (well, mostly–I forgot to turn my light timer off, so it turned on as usual at 5:30), and then Dude made chocolate cranberry pancakes for breakfast. I picked E up from his friend’s house, and then returned home to cut Girl-E’s hair. (She said a trim, but then once on the stool said she wanted it to her jaw-line, shortened from shoulder-length. I took a deep breath […]

Why We’re Not Like Everyone Else, Part 1: Family Values

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It can be tough not being like everyone else when you’re a kid. Some kids seem to easily embrace their difference, but most want to just blend in. I remember as a kid not having the brand name clothes that everyone was wearing–Keds shoes, Champion sweatshirts, etc. Money, or lack thereof, was the reason for that. We bought everything we could generic, and at the discount stores. We also didn’t have cable until I was […]