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Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back on the Road to Financial Freedom

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Bad Habits / Financial Fixin's

I try hard to be a good money manager, to be thrifty and responsible. It doesn’t always work. This feels especially true since I have much less money to manage nowadays–I often feel like my money is managing me. When things feel overwhelming and like I’m digging my debt hole deeper instead of filling it in, I have a tendency to want to hide from it all, which of course makes it worse. I killed […]

Do I Really Need Internet at Home?

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It’s just one of the questions I’m asking myself as I move forward in the adoption process, and realize just how precarious my financial situation really is. I had considered dropping cable, but for various reasons, doing so will save me only $1. I mean, seriously? So I’m thinking of dropping internet service as well, which will save me about $65 a month. I have an iPhone now, so I can get online in some […]