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Peanut’s Birth Story, Part 1

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Family Ties

The pregnancy had been going smoothly. I’d been exercising even through a cold New Hampshire winter, letting myself indulge in whatever treat I wanted, (although the craving I most remember was for steak tip salad), working my regular church job as well as a few hours part time at a spice shop, and was feeling good. I’d made it through Easter, and was planning on pinning down all the details necessary for my maternity leave, […]

Quick Update to Start the Month

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General Musings

My last post pretty much went viral. I was so excited to harness that energy and all the new followers and subscribers, but alas, the third trimester of pregnancy took over and I couldn’t muster up the mojo to write. And then, just a couple weeks after Easter, my little one arrived, five weeks before his due date. At some point I’ll write up his birth story. I went on maternity leave right then, leaving […]