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Good Adoption News!

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Adoption / Family Ties / Foster Care / In Transition

This past weekend, I received word from E’s appeals attorney that her job was finished: bio dad’s appeal had been dismissed, which means E is now legally free for adoption! Words cannot express how excited we are. Of course, there is now tons of paperwork to go through, and a new homestudy to be done, but we are so close! E finishes eighth grade in a couple of weeks, and B-mom and (I think) B-sis […]

The Meeting

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Adoption / Foster Care / Heart Aches / In Transition / Wrestling with Angels

Yesterday, I met E’s biological mother (who I’ll call Sally). He is unaware that this meeting was taking place, as his therapist recommended not sharing due to his current emotional fragility (plus, he’s already trying to deal with moving and although he’s excited, it’s also a trigger for him). I wasn’t as nervous as I expected leading up to this meeting, but boy were my hands sweating as my social worker and I followed Sally’s […]