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It’s All Fine…Until It’s Not

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We had some undesirable behavior today. Somewhat surprisingly, E was not the offender; C was. This is becoming a pattern with him, and his mom and Dude are a little worried. Me, not so much. Here’s the thing: we have all gone through a LOT of changes in the 9 months (to the day!) since I met The Dude. We all handle it differently. Honestly, I think we’ve been skating along on borrowed honeymoon time, […]

Candy and Control

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Oy. We’re definitely moving a bit out of the honeymoon period. This afternoon we were at CVS so I could get some fun New Year’s hair dye, make-up and nail polish. E knew we were going and had his money with him. He went shopping on his own while I browsed. When I saw him again, he’d bought two boxes (movie-theater size) of candy–they were buy-one-get-one-free. Ok, fine. More shopping, and I heard the cashier […]