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The Year of the Peaceful Parent: A Confession and Intention for 2021

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Holy crap, ya’ll. There are a LOT of books about parenting. I mean, I knew this. It’s a huge industry. (Note to self: future post about parenting books replacing ancestor & village wisdom). I’ve decided that this is the year I become the parent I want to be: peaceful. Calm. Connected. Mindful. Responsive rather than reactive. Steady, not mercuric. That is not how I am now. I am patient and quiet, and then suddenly, I’m […]

Time to Think

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While today was in some ways busy and hectic, I also received an unexpected blessing: some time to think. I arrived at my part-time job to find my boss already there. Usually at that time she is dropping her children off at school, but she had forgotten that their vacation extended an extra day. She had decided to spend the day with them, so I was left by myself for most of the day. As […]