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Prayer of a PK*

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*PK is the nickname for children of clergy…pastor’s kid, or preacher’s kid, depending on the tradition. I don’t pray with my kids. Weird, I guess, for a mom who prays professionally, but we didn’t pray together as a family in my home growing up, so it’s just not an embedded practice for me. Heck, I have enough time creating a habit of praying by myself, nevermind involving my children. Also, my offspring do not currently […]

The Year of the Peaceful Parent: A Confession and Intention for 2021

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Holy crap, ya’ll. There are a LOT of books about parenting. I mean, I knew this. It’s a huge industry. (Note to self: future post about parenting books replacing ancestor & village wisdom). I’ve decided that this is the year I become the parent I want to be: peaceful. Calm. Connected. Mindful. Responsive rather than reactive. Steady, not mercuric. That is not how I am now. I am patient and quiet, and then suddenly, I’m […]