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Expectant Chronicles: The Name Game

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We thought we had it figured out. And then we weren’t sure. Many months ago, after I first saw that unbelievable, yet unmistakable second line on the pregnancy test, after I offered Dude a small gift bag for Valentine’s Day containing pee-on-a-stick, we had brainstormed. We had made lists. We dreamed of what we’d name our little dude or dudette. We lost that little unplanned and unexpected emby, just shy of 6 weeks, but by then we […]

Time to Think

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While today was in some ways busy and hectic, I also received an unexpected blessing: some time to think. I arrived at my part-time job to find my boss already there. Usually at that time she is dropping her children off at school, but she had forgotten that their vacation extended an extra day. She had decided to spend the day with them, so I was left by myself for most of the day. As […]