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Rage Cleaning

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I rage cleaned today. Well, ok, it started as rage cleaning and relaxed slightly into stress cleaning. I have been feeling overwhelmed this week by All The Things I have going on in my life right now: homeschooling two little ones, co-parenting them and two teenagers, my job, renovating a house, caring for animals…oh, and a global pandemic. This week I have been walking through the house doing things and it seems like every place […]

Not Good at Math

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My six-year-old, Rowan, was using an online math program this afternoon. He worked hard to figure out an answer, got it right, and then exclaimed, “I’m good at math!” And he is. He’s not a savant or anything. Maybe not even particularly gifted, although casual coversation leads me to believe he might grasp mathematical concepts in an advanced way. But right now, he’s laying down some basic kindegarten-first grade arithmetic skills, working at a pace […]