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Ferguson: When There Are No Words

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Right now, it’s too much. The pain, the disappointment, the lack of surprise, the shame. The feelings come in waves, with short phrases and words: shit, Jesus, dammit, what the hell. But the words will come, as they must, for we cannot stay silent in the face of injustice. Good night, broken country of mine. And Ferguson, may you suffer no more losses tonight. We stand with you. Please be safe.

A (White) Preacher’s Responsibility

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I’m preaching today, back from two weeks of vacation. I admit I felt a little relieved last week that I wasn’t preaching, because I was feeling like I would have had to preach about Michael Brown. Little did I know what this week had in store. So now, as a White pastor in a 99% (or more) White community, I’ll be preaching about race and White privilege and violence and offering crumbs to the dogs.  […]