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Well, it happened, as I knew it would. Although he often seemed ok with The Dude, many other times E was giving signs that this new relationship was not ok with him. I was waiting for the blow-up, and last night it came. It was a doozy. Lasting for almost an hour, it included screaming, swearing, stomping, slamming and shoving. E was literally foaming at the mouth. So much came out in his rants, that […]

A Step in the Right Direction

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Adoption / Foster Care / In Transition

Last Friday, E and I went down to MA to his social worker’s office. There, we signed open adoption agreements for both of his biological parents. His bio dad was not there, but his bio mom came in once we had signed (she did her signing before we got there). This is a huge step, as his bio mom has pulled us back and forth a little bit in this area, but the agreement means […]