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The Trial Looms

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The TPR trial is next week, Monday and Tuesday. I’m sure it was due to the holidays, but we hadn’t heard anything since finding out E’s b-dad had been denied visits. E’s social worker e-mailed me today, saying she’s meeting with the DCF lawyer tomorrow, and that the attorney will also want to speak with me and E about our testimonies–when they’ll happen, what to expect, etc. She also dropped the bomb that at the […]


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Adoption / Foster Care / Heart Aches

“Ma, what do you see in me?” The question came out of the blue, in the midst of driving home from therapy, after some random not-therapy-related conversation, over the sound of the Christmas carols coming from the radio. “What do you mean?” “I mean, why go through all this stuff. What do you see in me? Why is it worth it?” Oh, Lordy. My heart dropped to my toes. I listed some of the things […]