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Well, it happened, as I knew it would. Although he often seemed ok with The Dude, many other times E was giving signs that this new relationship was not ok with him. I was waiting for the blow-up, and last night it came. It was a doozy. Lasting for almost an hour, it included screaming, swearing, stomping, slamming and shoving. E was literally foaming at the mouth. So much came out in his rants, that […]

Waiting, Delays, and More Waiting

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It feels like this process is never going to end. At this time two years ago, I was waiting to meet the boy who was a potential match, the child who would very quickly become my son. That transition time–from meeting to move-in–is pretty much the only thing that went quickly for us. E moved in, and we’ve been trying to get him adopted pretty much ever since. Yesterday, we met with his appeals attorney, […]