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Tomorrow, tomorrow!

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General Musings

Tomorrow is our Big Day. Adoption Day. The day we have anticipated for three long years. I’m nervous, excited, and totally stressed out. I’m sure E feels the same way. Girl-E and C are skipping school to come with us. We are the media family for our courthouse. It’s going to be an early morning (it’s 2+ hours away and we have to arrive between 8:45 and 9am) and a long day, but what a […]

Why Do Moms Have to Do All the Gross Stuff?

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General Musings / Parenting Skills and Spills

Seriously. Today, I arrived home from a shopping trip to hear that the dog had pooped on the porch (which she only does when she’s sick). E had cleaned it up…but any guesses on how thorough the 14 year old boy was in that task? Yeah, so Mom had to go in and re-clean the dog poop. Awesome. Then I returned from buying food for E’s adoption party this weekend, went to the bathroom…and someone […]