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A Good, Full Day

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Family Ties / General Musings

It’s been a good day. I slept in (well, mostly–I forgot to turn my light timer off, so it turned on as usual at 5:30), and then Dude made chocolate cranberry pancakes for breakfast. I picked E up from his friend’s house, and then returned home to cut Girl-E’s hair. (She said a trim, but then once on the stool said she wanted it to her jaw-line, shortened from shoulder-length. I took a deep breath […]

Bidding Farewell to Ms. Cranky-Pants (Or At Least, Trying To)

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Bad Habits / Family Ties / Mental Health / Parenting Skills and Spills / Wrestling with Angels

The realization crept up on me slowly, the way clouds slowly gather in front of the sun and you don’t realize until you look up and it’s dark.  I’m a grouch. And I hate it. In my family growing up, my parents were practically polar opposites in temperament. My mom was mostly easy-going, only showing temper on the rare occasion when she was truly pushed beyond the limits of her patience and stress level. My dad was […]