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We Did It!

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Family Ties

It has been a long, wonderful day, and I’m exhausted (in fact I went to bed early and just woke up to remember I hadn’t posted, so getting today’s in under the wire!), but it finally happened. My son’s adopted! I’ll share some photos and more details tomorrow after I sleep. We’re all very happy.

A Good, Full Day

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Family Ties / General Musings

It’s been a good day. I slept in (well, mostly–I forgot to turn my light timer off, so it turned on as usual at 5:30), and then Dude made chocolate cranberry pancakes for breakfast. I picked E up from his friend’s house, and then returned home to cut Girl-E’s hair. (She said a trim, but then once on the stool said she wanted it to her jaw-line, shortened from shoulder-length. I took a deep breath […]