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When Life Has Other Plans: A Fail for NaBloPoMo, A Win for my Heart

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Cupid's Aim / Family Ties / Giving Thanks

In case you hadn’t noticed, my blog has been quiet for almost 2 week. It started with one accidental miss: around 2am the Saturday morning after I last posted, I realized that I hadn’t blogged the previous day. Then, that day was busy too. And then there was a snowstorm and more busyness…and well, here we are. So much for posting every day in December. I worried about taking on this challenge in my busiest […]

A Big Hope to Hold

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'Tis the Season / Cupid's Aim / Spirit Talk

I am holding a big hope. I have caught a glimpse of possibility, my heart has swelled, and there it is: Hope. We are just about halfway through the season of Advent, a season filled with hope. There is hope for peace, hope for God’s promised kin-dom, and another, special hope. It is a hope passed through the generations. It is the remembered hope for a Messiah. It is the inherited hope for salvation from […]