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When Plans Unravel

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Because I Said Sew / General Musings

I had it all worked out. Yesterday I was going to relax, maybe decorate for Christmas a bit. Dude suggested taking a ride to his parents’ house to drop off his mom’s pie plates. I thought getting out of the house would be nice, so I agreed. We didn’t return until dinner time, so there went the day (and his parents weren’t home). Today, I was determined to spend the day sewing. I have a […]

Finishing What I Started (Or, Eliminating the UFOs)

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Bad Habits / Because I Said Sew / Financial Fixin's / Simple Living

A few weeks ago, I pulled out a couple of my bags of fabric scraps and started sewing. I was on vacation, and hadn’t had time to sew for a while. I made five scrappy potholders, all different designs. It was fun! It was exciting! It used up scraps! But then I realized: I had a whole pile of intended or started projects waiting for my attention. I’m great with coming up with new ideas, […]