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This Time, Going With My Gut

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Adoption / Parenting Skills and Spills

We have confirmation. E’s adoption will be finalized on National Adoption Day, November 21. We may even be a “media family,” set to speak at the opening ceremonies and practically guaranteed a good deal of media attention (which E is thrilled about). This weekend, out of the blue, E asked about going to see his birth family before Thanksgiving to celebrate with them. I was caught of guard, so I told him I’d think about […]

We Have A Date (tentatively)!

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Adoption / Foster Care / General Musings

This past Friday, E and I signed our petition for adoption. There was one moment of panic, when the notary at the bank wasn’t sure he could notarize the petition because E had no identification. Our social worker asked if he’d expect ID for a five-year-old, and while I understand the reasoning behind requiring proof of ID for opening a bank account–so it’s not using someone else’s info for nefarious purposes–this was an adoption petition. […]