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A (White) Preacher’s Responsibility

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I’m preaching today, back from two weeks of vacation. I admit I felt a little relieved last week that I wasn’t preaching, because I was feeling like I would have had to preach about Michael Brown. Little did I know what this week had in store. So now, as a White pastor in a 99% (or more) White community, I’ll be preaching about race and White privilege and violence and offering crumbs to the dogs.  […]

An Angel on the Tree

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His name is Jais. He’s new to the Reece’s Rainbow family. He just turned 2 years old last month. He lives in an orphanage, and he has Down Syndrome. I don’t know what country he lives in, but I do know that he needs a family. He needs to be loved in the way children are loved by their parents, which is not the same as the way nannies love the children in their care. He needs […]