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Back to Work

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Today was my first day back from maternity leave. It was not the best day. To begin with, it was cold (like high of 48F cold) and rainy all day. The baby woke me up at 5. I nursed him for a while, was able to get up and use the bathroom, and then checked my phone for a bit and was just about to get up and be productive when the Peanut woke up, […]

Peanut’s Birth Story, Part 1

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Family Ties

The pregnancy had been going smoothly. I’d been exercising even through a cold New Hampshire winter, letting myself indulge in whatever treat I wanted, (although the craving I most remember was for steak tip salad), working my regular church job as well as a few hours part time at a spice shop, and was feeling good. I’d made it through Easter, and was planning on pinning down all the details necessary for my maternity leave, […]