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A Life Well-Lived

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General Musings / Heart Aches

My friend is dying. It started 18 months ago with headaches, and odd searching for words, moved to a diagnosis of glioblastoma, and has now shifted to hospice care. She is 41. She has a husband, and two young children. Until her illness, she worked to connect farmers and hungry people. We are not particularly close. I kept up with her life through social media; I don’t know if she followed mine. We met many […]

New Year’s Fog

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'Tis the Season / General Musings / Holidays/Holy-days / Picture This

This new year dawned, for me, not bright and shiny, making me squint against the light and promise and hope But foggy and grey. Shrouded. Dim, to some. Bleary. Disheartened. But as I paused in the descending dusk (not even supper time yet in these parts) I felt it. The promises that grow in darkness, wrapped up in damp Waiting for the right time to emerge. Winter is not a time of death. It has […]