Who Am I?

All my life I’ve wanted to be a mom. I started babysitting at age 11, and continued to do so right up until I started my career as a pastor in 2009.  I’ve said since my early twenties that if I got to a certain point (early estimates were 28 or 29, but I’m a couple years past that) and wasn’t married, I’d start a family on my own.

So, I did it! E came to live with me in November of 2011, and I’m working on adopting him, balancing being pastor and parent, and keeping us both (mostly) sane. In October of 2013, I opened my home to the potential for other placements of children in foster care as well. Two months later, I met The Dude, and  in April 2014 he and his two kids, Girl-E and C, moved into the Parsonage with us.

I serve a small church and have two Etsy shops to help pay the bills and give me a creative outlet: Piecemaker’s Peace and The Purple Cow.

This blog began as a chronicle of my journey in motherhood, but has now merged with my “pastor” blog, http://sunlight-and-shadows.blogspot.com, and therefore will contain musings on family, faith, art, green living, and whatever else occurs in a mind that is almost as cluttered as my house.

(All content on this blog, unless otherwise noted, is copyright of the author. If you share something written here, please give me proper credit.)

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