Houseplant Autumn Prep

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On my “to do” list for my two-weeks of vacation (yes, I know) was taking care of the houseplants that have been outside this summer, and re-potting any–inside or out–that needed it.

Today was the day. It was mild and overcast, and started heavy sprinkling as soon as I was ready to pot, but it was a Sunday I didn’t have to preach, and seemed like a perfect low-key vacation task. I didn’t really intend for it to take the majority of the day, but in the end, I got most of it done and didn’t stress about it. I’ll need to grab another bag of soil tomorrow to finish up. My spider plants apparently really liked being outside and I now have approximately 70 dangly babies, a good number of which I’m going to cut and transplant and give away.

I love these kinds of simple chores. It’s just so soothing to put your hands in dirt, and pay attention to this green living thing, offering it care that it is not demanding of you, and make it look and feel better than it did before. A friend of mine posted this today: “When life gets too much and you feel out of control… so you start obsessing over houseplants.”

Well, I feel a little bit more in control after today. Now I get to figure out where they’re going to go…

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I'm a quirky queer (she/her/hers) who is constantly questioning. I'm helping some young humans grow up, and trying not to do too much damage in the process. I am a fierce and fiercely feminist pastor. I'm doing my best at home-making, home-renovating, home-steading, and home-schooling. My rainbow life consists of red shoes, conversations around orange fires, yellow-legged chickens, going green, blue moods, indigo jeans, and periodically purple hair.

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