Catching Up: A Recap of the Last Two Years

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I couldn’t quite believe it when I checked on my blog last night in preparation for the beginning of this blog challenge: it’s been almost two years since my last post. Now, I suppose working 30 hours a week while parenting four kids can do that to you, but still, I hadn’t realized it’s been that long since I posted anything here. And what a two years it’s been.

I’ll post in detail about some aspects at a later time, but here’s the gist:

  • Renovating Dude’s house–which we hoped to have done before Baby Tree (now nicknamed Peanut) was born–took forever, but we finally moved out of the parsonage last summer. There are still a couple of small projects to finish, but it mostly feels like home, and like it belongs to us (rather than feeling like I moved into his space).
  • I’m still pastor at the same little church, which, like many of its siblings, has financial struggles, but is hanging on a little longer due to the sale of the parsonage. It’s still got a big spirit and lots of hope, though!
  • Dude got a new job last March. He’s still able to work from home and the job is less demanding in many ways, which is great, but it involves more travel than we expected (including international), and there so far has been less flexibility with his time, which is not so great. We miss him when he’s gone.
  • E is no longer living with us, having moved in with a friend last fall, and in fact we have had almost no communication in the ensuing months. There are two sides to the story, and I’ll share my perspective at some point, but right now it’s still very raw and I’d rather write from my scars, not my wounds. Suffice to say, the situation just makes me immeasurably sad.
  • Girl-E and C are growing up way too fast. Girl-E is about to enter high school, and C is just a year behind. They’ve both turned out to be great big siblings to Peanut–especially C, who was initially quite worried about it. Also, they are both very much adolescents…sigh.
  • I had another baby! Little Man was born a little over six weeks ago, three days before his little big brother’s second birthday (both boys’ birth stories to be shared at some point soon). Since his time in the womb, he has been on a mission to prove he is nothing like his brother. Like size, for instance: while Peanut, being a preemie, worked hard for his eventual chub, at my postpartum follow up appointment today, my midwife weighed Little Man, and he tipped the scales at 13.5 lbs!

I think that about covers it. I’m sure there’s more, but hey, it’s a summary, and there are 98 more days of posting where I can fill in details. Until then, this tired mama needs to get some sleep. Oh, wait, there’s the baby…

The Author

I'm a pastor. I believe in radical love and ridiculous grace. I love to sing and sew, and have a shop on Etsy. I'm trying to make my ecological footprint smaller. I have chickens who provide endless entertainment. Oh, and I'm a formerly single mom by choice, son E (born 6/00, placed 11/23/11, adoption finalized 11/21/14) and now making a life with The Dude and his two kids, Girl-E (12/02) and C (9/04). Baby Bumpy due to arrive around 5/25/15! This blog chronicles my thoughts on faith, family, and the wild adventure we call Life!

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