When Good Enough is Good Enough

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I got up at 5:45 this morning, intent on finishing preparations for the holiday fair where I had a table. I was going to do pricing, and pack up my tote, and break down the folding table. I’d be ready with plenty of time to shower, take care of the dog, and eat breakfast at a relaxed pace.

Instead, I decided that I had time to do a few more things. Girl-E and her friends who slept over were up and playing games at SIX (!!!!) in the living room, so I figured hiding out in my room would be good.

Of course, it took longer than I planned. There were details I’d forgotten. I gave myself permission to not get to the fair right when vendor set-up started, since there was no way it would take me an hour and a half to set up my measly assortment of stuff.

I got one more reusable snack back made, and three ornaments cut out. I stopped for breakfast, and told Dude I would just finished up those ornaments and then I could pack up. As I went into the kitchen to wash my dishes, I looked at the time. 8:50. The fair started at 10. I still hadn’t packed up the tote, taken down the table, or put anything in the van. The school is just up the street, so driving would only take about 3 minutes, but still.

I had a choice: try and finish those three ornaments, sew them and bring the materials to stuff them at the fair–both of which would mean rushing and feeling stressed–or just let it go and maintain my relaxed state.

I decided to let it go (cue song getting stuck in your head).

I left the bedroom a complete disaster of boxes, spices, and piles of fabric, loaded up the stuff, and made my way into the nasty freezing rain to the fair. I got set up, and lo and behold, I was still working on pricing when the doors opened. Imagine if I’d try to squeeze in a few more minutes with the sewing machine!

I hope I can continue this trend, of working hard but not stressfully or frantically, and then, when the time comes, just letting go and acknowledging that good enough is usually good enough. Perfectionism gets in the way of so much (as does its partner, procrastination).

The yucky weather kept attendance at the fair down, I think, but I still did ok. I also had a few inquiries into custom orders, so that’s good. I made a few bucks, bumped up the inventory for my Etsy shop, and motivated myself to do more sewing and crafting on a regular basis, all without stressing out about the income. I’d call that a win, for sure.

The Author

I'm a pastor. I believe in radical love and ridiculous grace. I love to sing and sew, and have a shop on Etsy. I'm trying to make my ecological footprint smaller. I have chickens who provide endless entertainment. Oh, and I'm a formerly single mom by choice, son E (born 6/00, placed 11/23/11, adoption finalized 11/21/14) and now making a life with The Dude and his two kids, Girl-E (12/02) and C (9/04). Baby Bumpy due to arrive around 5/25/15! This blog chronicles my thoughts on faith, family, and the wild adventure we call Life!

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