Pets Are So Relaxing…When They’re Sleeping

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Animal Magnetism

*warning, contains some graphic/gross content not suitable for sensitive stomachs*

I sat down at the dining room table an hour ago to write this post. I got the title typed, intending to do a second post in my “why we’re not like everyone else” series and describe how we like a full house, welcoming people and animals.

Then I heard two cats fighting, and went to find someone had marked my bed as his territory. Awesome. I stripped the bed, sprayed the cleaner, and tucked E in. As I brought a pillow and blankets out to the couch to make it up for the night, I noticed another marking on the throw pillow I had JUST taken off the couch. UGH.

The last two weeks have been a ridiculous amount of pet bodily function clean-up. The dogs get into the litter boxes and then get the runs. The cats pee where they shouldn’t. One of the new cats had major explosive diarrhea which eventually landed him at the vet for fluids and antibiotics for a skin infection where he had licked himself raw. Both canines and felines throw up. Oh, and then there was last Sunday morning (and remember, I’m a pastor!) when I got up to find poop sprayed on a door, another pile on the porch, and after I took the dogs for a walk found another spot on the porch, and then one of cats puked up his breakfast. Then, I found a chicken dead in the coop–and when I went to replace the newly filled waterer, the cap came off and the entire thing spilled onto the carcass. Freakin’ sweet. I have done more laundry in the last month than I usually do in three months. I should buy stock in the company that makes the cleaning spray.

Most of the time, they are worth it. They are loving and lovable, entertaining and sweet and cuddly. But there are moments when I think of how much easier and carefree my life would be without them. There are (just like parenting sometimes).

Supposedly pets lower your blood pressure. I think those studies were only done on people while they were petting and cuddling, not cleaning up after. Let’s see those studies! But still…I love ’em anyway.

The Author

I'm a pastor. I believe in radical love and ridiculous grace. I love to sing and sew, and have a shop on Etsy. I'm trying to make my ecological footprint smaller. I have chickens who provide endless entertainment. Oh, and I'm a formerly single mom by choice, son E (born 6/00, placed 11/23/11, adoption finalized 11/21/14) and now making a life with The Dude and his two kids, Girl-E (12/02) and C (9/04). Baby Bumpy due to arrive around 5/25/15! This blog chronicles my thoughts on faith, family, and the wild adventure we call Life!

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